Why Adult Dating Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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Now don’t get me wrong – there is something about having a long term partner to cuddle at night and to give you a shoulder to cry on when life is bad that sometimes, a single girl desperately craves. That’s the thing about casual dating though… the thing that makes it better than sliced bread. You can still get that from a casual sex partner and I am testament to that.

If you’ve read around the blog, you’ll have probably found out about my story. I’m Rebecca, and the other writer behind the blog is Dan. We had a casual sex relationship for a year, then we dated for a year exclusively, then we realised it didn’t work and went back to casual sex again. That’s where we are at now, one year later.

We sleep together and we date other people. We see each other three times a week sometimes. Occasionally it’ll be more. Usually it’s two or three visits. I’ve never met his parents and he’s never met mine. I don’t know how much he earns, I don’t understand what he does for a living, I don’t know the state of his bank balance, and he doesn’t know any of that information about me. Occasionally he’ll stay the night and cuddle me to sleep, and I’ll be there to get on my knees and blow his troubles away… literally! 😉

People give adult dating a very bad name, mostly because they don’t know anything about it. Casual dating doesn’t mean sleeping with multiple people every week, racking up an enormous amount of sexual partners. Casual dating just means that you know you’re not really compatible with each other in the long term, but really good sex is something you don’t want to let go of. You are still free to find your respective happy-ever-after’s, and all round, everyone ends up being a winner. How can you really argue with that?

As long as you are both upfront right at the very beginning about what you are both looking for, you won’t have a problem. Dan and I made a deal right at the beginning of our ‘relationship’ – neither of us were looking for anything long-term. We were both newly out of fairly serious relationships and wanted to have a bit of fun. We met in a bar, had a one night stand, and found that we had some pretty damn good sex. I’m not his usual type and he’s definitely not mine but who cares? We don’t really see each other fully clothed and out of the bedroom!

So yeah – that’s why adult dating is the best thing since sliced bread… You get to eat your cake and eat it too!

If think that you are into casual sex dating or nsa sex dating there are some wonderful web sites to check out. We actually met through a foot fetish web site, but we’ve heard great things about www.lookingforsex.co.uk and lookingforsex.eu Both sites are great from what we understand, but if you check out the European version, there is some seriously hot totty from all over Europe. Damn, those Italian and Spanish girls are gorgeous! And many of them live in the UK, so the chances of hooking up are excellent.

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