Where No Strings Dating Is Headed In The Next Five Years

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What started as something that only the coolest guys could ever manage has become somewhat of a dating hobby. No strings dating – an idea too ‘out of this world’ for many guys. Could it be, however, that this new style of sex dating could be slowly becoming the ‘norm’?

I’m a perfect example of a successful no strings dater. I very rarely get the uncomfortable crying-girl situation, because I’ve got a handle on it. I successfully juggle a few girls. There’s Rebecca of course, but there’s also a few more. Some of them we talk about, some about we don’t. That’s the thing with the weird sex relationship we have – we don’t really care that much about what the other is doing.

When I first started dipping my toes into the world of adult sex four years ago, on a web site called casualsex.uk.com I had no real clue what I was doing. I basically closed my eyes and jumped in, filling out a quick membership form with my details and hastily uploading a fuzzy profile pic. I wouldn’t want anyone I knew to recognize me. You could never be too safe…. I had a girlfriend at the time. We were fighting a lot… You know how it goes guys, right?

I didn’t really know what I wanted but I knew sex was pretty high up on the list. Within a couple of hours of signing up, I had gotten talking to this girl called Sally who was a bit on the bigger side but promised me oral sex that I’d never forget. It would have been rude of me to turn that kind of offer down… so I didn’t. That night we met up in a local bar and she was right – her oral was out of this world. I’ll never forget her! 😉

It was a year later that I met Rebecca but in that time, I had racked up a pretty impressive number of girls and over the years, I noticed one thing. The people were getting ‘more normal’. Four years ago, there were a lot of nutters on the websites that I frequented. Last night I got talking to a 25 year old girl not far from where I lived who’d ex-fiance had cheated on, and just wanted a little something-something to see her through a lonely night. She was ‘normal’ – she didn’t cry, ask for my number, do anything too weird in bed, and didn’t look like a fish. She was just your average, run-of-the-mill, twenty-something girl.

The change in the caliber of these single women (or not so single) is refreshing. I’m finding that less and less chicks I meet are the crazy ones. I’m having more success. I’m definitely sleeping with more women. So with my last four years experience in mind, do you really want to know where no strings dating is headed in the next five years?


That’s right – it’s becoming the norm. It’s becoming something that all kids go through before they decide to settle down. Parents no longer from at their children for cheating on their so-called partners. It’s a “Tut, he’s young, what do you expect?” kind of situation these days. Do you see what I mean – it’s becoming normality.

Give it five years and I guarantee there will be more no strings dating websites out there than you could shake a stick at. Watch -you’ll see!

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