What Wikipedia Cant Tell You About Casual Dating

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I have been a casual dater for about five years. During that five years, I met a lovely guy called Dan and we’ve been sleeping together for about three of those years. We tried the relationship thing once for about a year, but decided to return to our natural ‘casual dating arrangements’ after realising the only thing we DID have in common was sex. Really great sex.

Between us, we have notched up a fair amount of partners. We’ve had our fair share of experiences, both good and bad. We’ve had good times and bad, and we feel that it is only fair to tell you about them. This is the sort of stuff that no internet site can warn you of…

Dan, for example, once met up with a really hot girl called Jaime. She really was beautiful – I’ve seen a picture of her. She had long blonde hair, massive big blue eyes, and a body to die for with massive NATURAL boobs… Or so Dan thinks. They met on an internet dating site specifically for casual daters and agreed to meet for a drink, which they did.

On this first meeting, she got drunk, poured her heart out, tried to have sex with him but vomited instead, and actually put Dan off using anyone from the internet for about six months. It was a traumatic experience for him. It turns out that it was her first time meeting someone off the internet and she was just trying to get back at her boyfriend for apparently snogging her best friend. It just goes to show – there REALLY are some nutters out there, and you do need to protect yourself whether you are a man or a woman!

Sexy young woman wearing lingerie.See that’s the kind of thing that Wikipedia can’t tell you – it can’t tell you about all of the crazy girls and stupid guys that get drunk, throw up on you, and only use you to try and get their own back on someone else. That sort of thing happens a lot. Far more often than it should do. It might be worth asking about their relationship history before you go barging in… Just saying.

Of course, there are good things to tell about casual dating too. It would be unfair of us to mention all of the bad experiences we have had. I should even things out by telling you about the guy that I met in a club once, took back to my place and not only did he give me a good screwing that any porn star would have been proud of, but he made me breakfast, kissed my forehead, told me I looked beautiful in the morning and then toddled off into the sunset, never to be seen again. I knew I couldn’t date him. We would never have a long term relationship. He had three kids. Children are a deal-breaker for me. I still got to experience the delights that he had to offer in the bedroom though… That’s something you’ll never find on Wikipedia! 😉

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