About Us

Well hello there! Unless you read the title wrong, you’ve probably already guessed that this is a relationship blog based on ‘adult’ dating. You should probably be aware that there is going to be some pretty graphic content here. If you’re not up for reading a bit of naughty material, this isn’t really the blog you should be reading…

There’s two people behind this blog. I am Rebecca and I’m a 28 year old girl that works part time as a phone sales adviser, and also part time as a freelance writer. The other contributor to the blog is Dan. He’s a 30 year old guy that works in advertising, and he says hi! 🙂

We’ve been casually sleeping together for about three years now. One year in the middle of that we spent dating but honestly, things went pear-shaped really quickly. He’s quite dumb and I’m too uptight. We weren’t all that compatible. Somehow, however, we always found our way back into each other’s arms again, normally in a night of drunken screwing over the sofa, trousers still around our ankles as he did me from behind. We decided that we shouldn’t give up the great sex we’d had for so long just because we didn’t work out as a couple. After all, we managed perfectly well casually screwing for a year before we decided to wrongly take it to the next level.

We went back to that and here we still are, one year later.

This is pretty much what happens – I call him up on a Friday night because I’m not doing anything. He comes over with a bottle of wine and listens to me moan about my week for a couple of hours. We drink the wine and we end up in bed. Sometimes he leaves after we’ve had sex. Sometimes he’ll stay and leave int he morning, usually before I’m awake. He stays just the right amount of times to give me the comfort I’d normally get in a relationship, but not too much to make him feel uncomfortable or that I’m getting too close.

It works because we’ve found something that works for us, and that’s the thing we are trying to convey in this blog – adult or sex dating will work for you as long as you are willing to embrace it. You will need to adapt your style of dating a little to make it work, but in the long run you will find that it can have many rewards, all of which you will greatly benefit from.

Think of it this way, the benefits outweigh the negatives. You get great sex with someone that knows how to work your body, you have a good time and a great laugh with someone that you don’t need to fight with because you have nothing to fight about. You also get to live as a single guy or girl, hoping that you’ll bump into ‘the one’ along the way, but not really bothering if you do or not because you seem to have the best of both worlds with your current situation.

We’re going to be telling you the truth about adult dating. The real truth. None of the fluffing it up or making it out to be something that it isn’t. It’s going to get bumpy and sometimes it might get a little rough (and not in a good way) but in the end, sex dating is something you can easily do. You just need the right information.

Are you ready to learn?


Rebecca and Dan