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Why Casual Sex Is More Tempting Than A Cinnabon

casual sex dating

Let’s face it – there is something about a night of really good, hot, casual sex that brings a sparkle to any girl’s eye. There is something so beautiful about climaxing time after time, riding a guy that’s so hot, you can barely believe you’re in bed with him, and knowing that you don’t need to have that awkward ‘meet the parents’ scenario three months from now… I’m a big fan of casual sex. Can you tell?

Dan, the other guy behind this blog, is the hottest guy I’ve ever set my eyes on. He knows it too. He’s not very good in relationships because he can’t really keep it in his pants, if you get my drift. To be fair, I’m not much better either, that’s why we decided to part ways after our one year relationship, and go back to casually dating each other again. So far, one year later, all is going well.

Now, he genuinely is the most beautiful creature. He’s got these abs that I just want to run my tongue around. He’s got that special ‘V’ at the bottom of his torso that makes me wonder what lies beneath the waist belt of his pants. He’s got the biggest baby blues that you can’t help to fall into…

The only problem with Dan is that he is also the thickest person I’ve ever met. I’ve told him this time and time again, and he even agrees with it. He has no sense of direction. He’s useless with money. He couldn’t ever support me if he tried. The only problem is the fact that we have really good sex. Out of this world sex. Sex that blows my mind. And once again, I repeat, he is genuinely the hottest guy I’ve ever met in my life.

Sexy woman soft booty, pantiesWe work so well together in the bedroom that I crave him more than any cinnabon. I crave him more than I crave candy and I like to eat candy… especially after sex! 😉

That’s why we decided to part ways and go back to just sleeping with each other a couple of times per week. I’m still free to date other people, in the hope of meeting the man of my dreams, and so is he – looking for that mother figure that he so desperately needs to keep him in check. I’ve told him he should try Cougar dating but he’s having none of it!

That’s the thing about casual sex – when you find the right casual sex partners to enjoy and delight with, everything is easy and breezy. The even better thing about casual sex is that more men are up for it than you first may have thought! Well, perhaps not what you thought. Men are pretty rampant. Every man I’ve ever casually dated has called me the best ‘non-girlfriend’ ever. Perhaps that’s why Dan wanted to keep hold of me! We actually met through and amazing adult dating web site called Foot Fetish Partners, which caters for those who have foot fetishes like Dan has. He loves my pretty feet and they get loads of attention in our foreplay!

But back to casual sex – it gives you everything you could ever ask for on a plate. You get to have the greatest of sexual experiences with the most beautiful people in the world and there’s no commitment. So even though your relationship with them didn’t work, you still have the opportunity to find ‘the one’… If that’s what you’re looking for, of course!

What Wikipedia Cant Tell You About Casual Dating

adult datingcasual datingcasual sex dating

I have been a casual dater for about five years. During that five years, I met a lovely guy called Dan and we’ve been sleeping together for about three of those years. We tried the relationship thing once for about a year, but decided to return to our natural ‘casual dating arrangements’ after realising the only thing we DID have in common was sex. Really great sex.

Between us, we have notched up a fair amount of partners. We’ve had our fair share of experiences, both good and bad. We’ve had good times and bad, and we feel that it is only fair to tell you about them. This is the sort of stuff that no internet site can warn you of…

Dan, for example, once met up with a really hot girl called Jaime. She really was beautiful – I’ve seen a picture of her. She had long blonde hair, massive big blue eyes, and a body to die for with massive NATURAL boobs… Or so Dan thinks. They met on an internet dating site specifically for casual daters and agreed to meet for a drink, which they did.

On this first meeting, she got drunk, poured her heart out, tried to have sex with him but vomited instead, and actually put Dan off using anyone from the internet for about six months. It was a traumatic experience for him. It turns out that it was her first time meeting someone off the internet and she was just trying to get back at her boyfriend for apparently snogging her best friend. It just goes to show – there REALLY are some nutters out there, and you do need to protect yourself whether you are a man or a woman!

Sexy young woman wearing lingerie.See that’s the kind of thing that Wikipedia can’t tell you – it can’t tell you about all of the crazy girls and stupid guys that get drunk, throw up on you, and only use you to try and get their own back on someone else. That sort of thing happens a lot. Far more often than it should do. It might be worth asking about their relationship history before you go barging in… Just saying.

Of course, there are good things to tell about casual dating too. It would be unfair of us to mention all of the bad experiences we have had. I should even things out by telling you about the guy that I met in a club once, took back to my place and not only did he give me a good screwing that any porn star would have been proud of, but he made me breakfast, kissed my forehead, told me I looked beautiful in the morning and then toddled off into the sunset, never to be seen again. I knew I couldn’t date him. We would never have a long term relationship. He had three kids. Children are a deal-breaker for me. I still got to experience the delights that he had to offer in the bedroom though… That’s something you’ll never find on Wikipedia! 😉

The 5 Biggest Casual Sex Dating Blunders

adult datingcasual datingcasual sex dating

Let’s face it – casual sex dating is exactly the same as ‘regular’ dating in some respects. You can make the same mistakes, tell the wrong jokes, say the wrong thing, etc. In fact, how many of you have had more catastrophic first dates than great ones? Or even good ones?

As casual daters ourselves, we feel that it is only fair to you that we share the most common casual dating mistakes that we’ve found in our journey… Some are bad, some are really bad, and some are so ridiculous you won’t even believe you just read that.

Are you ready?

1 – Men hope she’ll make the first move.

In the world of casual dating, you’re probably both aware of where you stand already, especially if you met on a casual sex dating website. What’s the point in ‘hoping’ she’ll make the first move? The fact that she came out to meet you says enough – the fact that she’s laughing at your jokes and fluttering her eyelashes at you means that you are the bigger idiot for not reading the signs. The signs are there for a reason.

Make the first move, move in for the kiss… She’ll soon tell you if it’s all too soon. As long as you’re not trying to wash her makeup off with your tongue within ten minutes of meeting her, you’re probably doing alright.

2 – Men hoping she’ll pay.

OK, this is just rude. I know it’s the world of equality but if you don’t even at least to pay for the first date, you look cheap. No one wants to take home and screw the cheap guy. What part of cheap sounds attractive? Not much! If she really puts up that much of a fight, fine let her pay. But at least offer. And mean it!

3 – Not having a plan.

Women like men that know how to make a decision. Women find men that have their s*** together attractive. Most women would rather go for the smart guy that looks confident and knows what he wants out of life and how to get there, then a penniless street urchin with ripped jeans. It’s a ‘security’ thing. Most women don’t even need security; it’s just a built-in thing.

If you go without a plan, be prepared that you probably won’t make it into her little black book.

4 – Putting on an act.

Firstly, what’s the point? You’re there to have a good time, aren’t you? You’re there to find a guy or girl, take them home and have a night of fun, passion, and extremely good sex. What’s the point in putting on an act? You don’t really have any intentions of dating this person so who really cares what she or thinks of you? You’re both there for the same thing… That’s common enough ground, isn’t it?

5 – Trying to make plans.

Before guys say that girls are worse than guys for it, that’s total crap. Ask any woman that like to casually date how many of their partners have gotten too serious too soon and most of them will say A LOT! Men as well as women are feeling the pressure to settle down and have that happy ever after these days. Men WANT marriage these days. They want kids too. Most of them are lying if they say they don’t. Trust us on that one!

But, for guys as well as girls, don’t make plans. The person you are in bed with is there casually. They don’t want to meet your parents. They don’t want to be your plus one at a friends wedding four months from now. After a while of casually dating this person may that relationship take place but if you don’t know their last name, birthday or where they hope to see themselves in five years time, there’s a good chance you’re trying to make plans too soon.