How Casual Dating Isn’t As Bad As You Think

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When Dan and I first started sleeping together, casual dating was hardly the ‘to-do’ thing. It was seen as seedy and desperate. Two strangers meeting up with each other for casual sex because they were too ugly / demanding / clingy / desperate to make a ‘real’ relationship work. Of course, three or four years ago when we started toying with the idea of adult dating – as in no strings attached, there were more weirdos than normal people but these days, it’s a flourishing market! That just goes to show by itself that casual dating is an idea that is on the up.

Not just for desperate saddos that can’t get a date the ‘regular’ way, casual dating is a type of dating that suits anyone. If you’re newly single and not looking for anything serious, why not look up local hotties to drive your ex wild with jealousy with? Ooops, how comes you and your ex have happened to bump into each other in the same pub while you’re out with your date for the night. who cares if you’re never going to see him again, he looks good as your arm candy, and you know your exacan’t stand the fact that you’re now ‘dating’ someone with bigger muscles than you…

OK so I sound a little nuts but I must admit, I’ve done this once. Or twice… Just twice, I promise!

Ecstacy Of LoveIf you’re not a mental bunny boiler than wants to exact revenge on a guilty ex, and just don’t have time for a ‘real’ relationship in between trying to get your educated sorted, progressing in your career, or just having a social life on top of your work commitments, casual dating is perfect. Imagine being able to go online, pick what guy you want, start up a conversation, and arrange to meet him the very next night in a local bar when you know you’ll have a couple of hours to spare before you come home from work and need to shoot out to the gym / your second job / a family party / etc.

Does it make you a harlot? No. Does it make you smart? Yes!

It’s just like dialing a pizza. You’d order a take-out meal because it’s convenient and tastes delicious, why wouldn’t you order a man? 😉

The thing with casual dating is that you never know where it could take you. I met Dan and I think I was lucky to meet Dan because even though we did try the dating thing, our no-strings relationship was strong enough for us to part ways in a ‘relationship’ sense, but still remained sexual friends. I still call him up on Friday night’s when I’m drunk and I need someone to help ‘sort me out’, and he still calls me for his 3am booty call when he doesn’t pull anyone better in the club on a night out with the boys. It’s honest, reliable and smart – isn’t that how a relationship is meant to be anyway? 😉

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