How Adult Dating Sites Can Get You What Your Heart Desires

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“Can’t we just be friends?”

The one line that a girl can use that fills her potential date’s head with absolute dread. Have they just been friend-zoned? Are you serious? You’ve been dating this chick for about three weeks and the one night you think you’re gonna get laid, she pulls the friend-line on you?

Not cool girls! Not cool AT ALL!

It’s Dan by the way, although you’d probably already guessed that. Rebecca and I were just talking about the dreaded friend zone the other day, so I thought I’d tell you how to get around it…

Never EVER get friend-zoned again!

Adult dating sites are pretty much the exact opposite of what the friend-zone represents. You get to be ‘friends’ with these girls, but you still get to take them home and bang them too. That pretty blonde that you thought was just out of your league isn’t going to put you in the friend zone because you aren’t hot enough / smart enough / rich enough to keep her interested. She’s going to take you home, screw you, and kick you out instead. Isn’t that hotter than lusting after a pretty blonde you know you’ll NEVER get?

When you sign up to these casual sex dating websites, you do so because you know you’re going to meet a girl that has the same idea as you. You browse the members looking for a hottie because you know, within a couple of days (sometimes hours), you’ll have the first meet arranged and you’ll be looking forward to the excitement of sex with a new person – not knowing what they are going to feel like, taste like, react to your touch like… It’s exciting because you don’t know what will happen. That’s half the fun of it. Anything could happen!

When you’re done with these girls, you simply move on to the next one. Then you have new and exciting sex all over again because once more, you never know what could arise. One minute you’re dreaming about climaxing all over that busty brunette’s chest, and the next you are pounding away at her from behind, wondering how you could be as lucky as you are.

There’s no friend-zone here!

Adult dating sites are perfect for busy that always get F-bombed. I’ve been placed in my own little zone of no-sex on more than one occasion, so never think that it is just you it happens to. Once you’re in that zone, there’s no getting out of it either. There’s no clawing your way back to anywhere near close to her bedroom. Definitely nowhere close enough to getting her panties off. What’s the point in going through a couple of weeks of effort only to be dubbed ‘too nice’? There’s no point. It’s time to face facts and do things the right way – the adult dating site way.

Your manhood will thank you for it! You’ve been jerking off for far too long!

How Casual Dating Isn’t As Bad As You Think