The 5 Biggest Casual Sex Dating Blunders

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Let’s face it – casual sex dating is exactly the same as ‘regular’ dating in some respects. You can make the same mistakes, tell the wrong jokes, say the wrong thing, etc. In fact, how many of you have had more catastrophic first dates than great ones? Or even good ones?

As casual daters ourselves, we feel that it is only fair to you that we share the most common casual dating mistakes that we’ve found in our journey… Some are bad, some are really bad, and some are so ridiculous you won’t even believe you just read that.

Are you ready?

1 – Men hope she’ll make the first move.

In the world of casual dating, you’re probably both aware of where you stand already, especially if you met on a casual sex dating website. What’s the point in ‘hoping’ she’ll make the first move? The fact that she came out to meet you says enough – the fact that she’s laughing at your jokes and fluttering her eyelashes at you means that you are the bigger idiot for not reading the signs. The signs are there for a reason.

Make the first move, move in for the kiss… She’ll soon tell you if it’s all too soon. As long as you’re not trying to wash her makeup off with your tongue within ten minutes of meeting her, you’re probably doing alright.

2 – Men hoping she’ll pay.

OK, this is just rude. I know it’s the world of equality but if you don’t even at least to pay for the first date, you look cheap. No one wants to take home and screw the cheap guy. What part of cheap sounds attractive? Not much! If she really puts up that much of a fight, fine let her pay. But at least offer. And mean it!

3 – Not having a plan.

Women like men that know how to make a decision. Women find men that have their s*** together attractive. Most women would rather go for the smart guy that looks confident and knows what he wants out of life and how to get there, then a penniless street urchin with ripped jeans. It’s a ‘security’ thing. Most women don’t even need security; it’s just a built-in thing.

If you go without a plan, be prepared that you probably won’t make it into her little black book.

4 – Putting on an act.

Firstly, what’s the point? You’re there to have a good time, aren’t you? You’re there to find a guy or girl, take them home and have a night of fun, passion, and extremely good sex. What’s the point in putting on an act? You don’t really have any intentions of dating this person so who really cares what she or thinks of you? You’re both there for the same thing… That’s common enough ground, isn’t it?

5 – Trying to make plans.

Before guys say that girls are worse than guys for it, that’s total crap. Ask any woman that like to casually date how many of their partners have gotten too serious too soon and most of them will say A LOT! Men as well as women are feeling the pressure to settle down and have that happy ever after these days. Men WANT marriage these days. They want kids too. Most of them are lying if they say they don’t. Trust us on that one!

But, for guys as well as girls, don’t make plans. The person you are in bed with is there casually. They don’t want to meet your parents. They don’t want to be your plus one at a friends wedding four months from now. After a while of casually dating this person may that relationship take place but if you don’t know their last name, birthday or where they hope to see themselves in five years time, there’s a good chance you’re trying to make plans too soon.

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